SEVAK, Always at Your Service

A personal butler for all your business needs. Just ring for SEVAK, and consider the work done.

Sayandeep’s motto is to service all our clients in the most efficient and timely manner as possible. And we take this motto very seriously, going out of our way to ensure customer satisfaction. Sevak is the means to this end. Sayandeep has multiple service vehicles equipped with all the basic tools along with a trained person to handle any kind of requirement from the client. This vehicle will be able to serve any kind of matter related to our eight services.

To Contact Sevak

  • Simply log on to our website and call for assistance
  • Call us on +91 98500 90910
    Once your call for assistance is registered with us, we will immediately  send the nearest Sevak vehicle to your disposal and get the issue sorted with utmost care.
  • In Sanskrit, Sevak means the Servant of God. For all of us at Sayandeep, our clients are our ultimate truth and we serve them with all the commitment and sincerity we know of.
  • No other company has special assistance vehicles to help out customers in times of urgent need. Sevak does this and much more by giving the customers an assurance of timely help.
  • With all the equipment and skilled manpower in the utility vehicle, Sevak makes sure service can be handy and efficient at the same time.
  • Connecting with people is just as much a part of our job as anything else, and through Sevak we aim to constantly be in touch with our clients in order to check whether all the systems are running smoothly.